As a professional chef, having a high-quality chef knife forged from durable Blade is quite expensive. Nevertheless, in this review, we recommend some of the Best chef knife under $100 you can get in 2022. Different world-class knife-makers produce each of the inexpensive chef knives in this review. An affordable chef knife doesn’t have to mean a substandard knife; you can still be on a budget and enjoy a decent quality knife. A chef knife is different from a regular knife in that it needs to be razor-sharp, forged from durable steel, and has an excellent weight distribution. So, what makes the inexpensive chef knives in this review perfect? Find out more below.

Top 10 Best Chef Knife Under $100 Reviews 2022

#1. J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 Chef Knife – Editor Choice

J.A. Henckels International is a Spain knife manufacturer that has been in the industry since 1895. This value-driven brand guarantees the same ease of use, design, and durability it has been providing in this model of Knife, the 311161-201. With the J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 chef knife’s long-lasting sharpness, you can slice, mince, dice, and chop effortlessly. This multipurpose Chef Knife has a total length of 12.72 inches; its Blade alone is 8 inches long, and its handle is 4¾ inches long. With a chef knife this long, you can cut a large piece of meat easily. And with a weight of fairly 8.2 ounces, handling this Knife feels very organic. The even weight distribution design and its ergonomic handle add to the ease of using the Knife.

J.A. Henckels International designed the 31161-201 chef knife with the traditional polymer handle. This polymer handle offers a good grip, and as a poor conductor of heat, feels warm to hold even when handling cold food. Design-wise, this J.A. Henckels 31161-201 chef knife comes with a full tang blade that extends through the handle with three studs to hold it in place. The full tang design of this chef knife makes it quite a durable, inexpensive best chef knife. Moreover, the high-quality Germany stainless steel strength of this best chef’s Knife is sharpened on both sides at an angle of 20-22 degrees to offer you a razor-sharp solid blade. It is a dishwasher, safe, and very easy to clean after use.

#2. Imarku Chef Knife – Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chefs knife – Best Value

Another well-forged best affordable chef knife to consider in 2022 is the SC10-01 chef knife from imarku. imarku is a professional kitchen knife maker known for its emphasis on details, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and quality. This SC10-01 Knife is a multipurpose Samashi knife with a razor sharpness ideal for chopping, cutting, slicing, and dicing through vegetables, meat, fish, and other products. You can also use this Knife for slicing cheese and butter, removing flesh from bones, removing fish skin, and smashing garlic, amongst others. Measuring up to 13-inch in overall length, the SC10-01 chef knife has an 8-inch long blade, which is 0.1-inch thick. And with a net weight of 6.9 ounces of evenly distributed weight, this chef knife is easy to hold and maneuver while cutting.

The ergonomic handle carved from Pakkawood makes this affordable chef knife more professional-looking and minimizes any finger numbness, ache, or fatigue. This African wooden handle on this chef knife is known to provide comfort, stability, and grip. Besides, the Blade of this Knife is encapsulated in the hard Pakka wood handle with a full metal end cap. The 7Cr17Mov German-engineered Blade of this chef knife features a toughened stainless steel blade, vacuum heat-treated, and nitrogen cryogenic tempered, giving it a Rockwell hardness of 57 ±2 HRC. The Blade consists of approximately 0.6-0.75% carbon for added durability and strength. To ensure the Blade of this chef knife is resistant to corrosion and rust, imarku finished the steel blade of this Knife with 16-18% chrome material, making it smooth to handle sticky food.

#3. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 45520 Chef Knife – Best Overall

Next on our list of best inexpensive chef knives for 2022 is this Victorinox Fibrox Pro 45520.  Victorinox is a trusted Switzerland manufacturer with a rich heritage dating far back to 1884. You can trust Victorinox when it comes to performance, quality, and durability. You can use this Fibrox Pro 45520 chef knife for various functions, ranging from dicing, mincing, chopping, shredding, and slicing. The sloping, curved Blade of this Victorinox chef knife measuring 8-inch long and 1/6-inch thick is suitable for handling both big and small tasks with ease. Weighing 7.5 ounces, Victorinox Fibrox evenly balances the weight of this Knife to make it easy to hold. The excellent design with even weight distribution makes maneuverability with this chef knife easy for several carving all kinds of meat.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle of this chef knife is carved from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which contributes to the Knife’s non-slip grip when wet. Additionally, the TPE ergonomic handle on this chef knife encapsulates the Blade, providing you with a more durable fitting. The lightweight European X50CrMoV15 high-carbon steel used in carving the Blade is exceptional, honed on both sides at an angle of 15 degrees rarely requires re-sharpening. For optimum performance, hone it after every use. The matte finishing on the Blade gives its Blade a smooth finishing, which glides easily through food.

#4. Professional Chef Knife, 8 Inch Pro Kitchen Knife – Carbon Stainless Steel Knife

The AUIIKIY Professional chef knife is another best affordable chef knife you can get for less than $100 in 2022. Despite being affordable, AUIIKIY is a knife-maker known for its comfort and value for money. This AUIIKIY Professional chef knife comes in an elegant black box you can use to impress friends and family as a gift suitable for birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, you name it. The 8-inch Knife’s Blade forged from 7Cr17 stainless steel has a laser engraved pattern on both sides. More importantly, this chef knife is forged with German steel, which is softer than Japanese steel, but it is still very strong. And to boost the sturdiness of the Blade, AUIIKIY added up to 0.6 – 0.75% of carbon to its steel, making it twice as hard as other knives in its class, which contains about 0.3% carbon.

AUIIKIY was thorough with the design of this Knife, evenly distributing its weight so that the Blade feels easy to maneuver. For home chefs and professionals, this AUIIKIY knife weighs an estimate of 11.2 ounces, which is easy to handle and maneuver. Additionally, the ergonomic handle of this Knife makes it sit comfortably in your hand, providing you with an excellent grip. The ease of use and easy to clean this Knife sets it apart from other knives in its class. Preferably, clean this Knife with your hand, although it is dishwasher safe. After washing, ensure to wipe it dry to prevent rust, and always store it in its box.

#5. MOSFiATA 8″ Super Sharp Professional Chef’s Knife

The MOSFiATA CK0401 chef knife is an all-round, multipurpose chef knife suitable for both restaurants and homes. MOSFiATA, founded in 2008, is a business with a mission to provide great products at an affordable price. As such, this MOSFiATA CK0401 chef knife is an affordable chef knife that can handle your daily kitchen tasks of dicing, slicing, cutting, and mincing meat and vegetables. The MOSFiATA CK0401 chef knife comes with an 8-inch long blade and weighs 11.2 ounces. For easy maneuverability, the weight of this Blade is evenly distributed, making it feel natural in your hand. With a thickness of 2.5mm, this Blade glides through food easily. And the hand-polished edges at 14-16 degrees on each side offer a razor sharpness.

Non-slip solid Micarta ergonomic handle or TPR-coated polypropylene handle is sturdy and helps minimize the tension in the wrist. Even though you use the Knife for a long time, your wrist and palm would not feel fatigued. The excellent design on this inexpensive chef knife is a full tang knife with three rivets on its handle to hold the Blade in place, adding to the sturdiness and overall durability of the Knife. Its precision-forged Blade with German 4116 high carbon stainless steel has a Rockwell hardness of 56+ built to last. Its non-stick blade coating with laser engraving on both sides gives you the convenience to use this Knife for cutting sticky foods with ease. Note its Blade is not made with Damascus steel. Included in the box of this chef knife is a hand knife sharpener with ceramics and stainless steel blades.

#6. Utopia Kitchen UK0089 Chef Knife – Best Chopping Knife Under $100

Utopia Kitchen is another knife manufacturer with a wide line of products. The UK0089 is one of the best knives under $100 for professional use. With decades of manufacturing kitchenware’, Utopia Kitchen is not new to the art of forging high-quality knives. Apart from that, the exceptional quality of the UK0089 chef knife makes it one of the best chef knives you can get in 2022. With an overall length of 13-inch and a blade length of 8-inch long, this Utopia Kitchen UK0089 chef knife can efficiently handle large food. Its conservative blade thickness of about 2.5mm thick and weight of 9.6 ounces or 0.55 pounds makes this Knife not too thin or too heavy. Moreover, its weight is evenly distributed, making this Knife balances well in your hand for optimum maneuverability.

In addition to the list of interesting features that come with this chef knife, the carefully balanced ABS handle is designed to minimize finger cramps and aches during prolonged usage and provide easy grip. The simplistic design of this chef knife with its Blade running through the entire length of the handle with three studs to hold it in place makes this Knife durable enough to stand the test of time. Forged from 100% classic stainless steel, at least this chef knife is tough enough to handle several tasks from trimming large cuts of meat to cutting through melons, bread, and vegetables without hacking and sawing. The stainless steel blade is easy to clean, rust-resistant, and tarnish resistant. And with the included sheath that comes with this Knife, it offers you a convenient way to store this Knife after use to protect the Blade’s sharpness and prevent accidents. 

#7. Kitory Chef’s Knives – Kitchen Chef Knife Pro – Best Japanese Knives Under $100

Kitory is another renowned manufacturer of the best affordable knives in the market in 2022. The VG10 from Kitory is an exquisite Damascus chef knife, although not all that cheap, it is a knife worth having for professional chefs and home cooks. With the Kitroy VG10, simple cutting such as delicate fish, de-skinning fish, slicing cheese, and removing flesh from bones, amongst other things, just got easier. Featuring on this Knife is the 8-inch Blade, measuring 1/8 inch thick, offers you an effortless way to cut through thick slices of meat and fruits. The balance and weight of 1 pound of this Kitory knife are just right, giving you maximum control over it for optimum precision.

The military-grade G10 handle on this Kitory VG10 chef knife gives you a solid grip when handling it, even when your hand is wet. Moreover, the G10 handle on this chef knife provides comfort under prolonged use. Besides, this Japanese Kitchen Knife comes with a full tang design that extends into the G10 handle and is held down with two studs. The V10 super steel with 67 layers of high carbon stainless steel offers a premium grade material that can stand the test of time. The imported Japanese stainless steel blade, which is liquid nitrogen cooled for added resistance, has a Rockwell hardness of HRC 62+ is stain and rust-resistant. You can wash this chef knife in a dishwasher for easy clean up after use.

#8. Mercer Culinary M22608BL Chef Knife

Mercer Culinary is a North American culinary manufacturer with over 30 years of being the best chef knife manufacturer in the food industry. Expecting nothing less than Mercer Culinary exceptional quality in the M22608BL chef knife is only reasonable. This Mercer Culinary M22608BL chef knife can be used to chop vegetables, cutting meat, dicing, and mincing, among other uses. And with a blade length of 8-inch, and thickness of 1/8 inches, this Mercer Culinary chef knife is long enough to handle large pieces of meat or vegetable. The unparalleled performance of this Millennia knife, designed with innovation and lightweight steel, makes it weigh less than 7 ounces.

Mercer Culinary’s fine artisan skills in designing the ergonomic handle distribute the weight of the Knife evenly to give you just about enough balance when using this Knife for precision. The Santoprene handle for comfort and polypropylene for durability and textured finger points provide a solid grip and slip resistance when using this Knife. Also featuring on the handle is the protective finger guard that keeps your hand away from the razor-sharp Blade. Made from high-carbon superior quality Japanese-steel, the Mercer Culinary chef knife is resistant to rust, discoloration, and corrosion.  

#9. DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 8″ – Shadow Black Series – Vacuum Treated Steel

Dalstrong is another renowned affordable chef knife manufacturer that has been in the industry since 2012. So far, Dalstrong has spent every second tirelessly turning innovative ideas into culinary tools. As such, this Dalstrong Shadow Black Series menacing design with exceptional craftsmanship stands out from the pack. They are not just simple cutting edge, high-performance tools, but also suitable for mincing, dicing, chopping, and slicing. With a blade length of up to 8-inch, this Dalstrong Shadow Black Series chef knife will perfectly handle large meats and vegetables. The calculated geometry of this knife blade is engineered and weighted for a perfect balance between minimizing hand fatigue and optimizing function. 

To ensure comfortable pinch and grip, the tapered bolster handle of this Dalstrong knife and G10 resin material gives this Knife the durability it needs to last a lifetime. Additionally, this chef knife’s full tang design allows for maximum durability, which is further upgraded with a menacing deep black titanium nitride coating to improve the robustness and corrosion resistance to keep the Knife clean. Its Blade is forged from high carbon German steel 7Cr17MOV-X at 58+ Rockwell hardness which is vacuum treated to ensure top of the line performance. The black titanium finishing on this best chef’s knife blade is stylish, sophisticated, and easy to clean. 

#10. TUO Chef’s Knife – Best Kitchen Vegetable Meat Knives Under $100

Last on our list of best kitchen knives under $100 us this menacing chef knife from TUO. TUO is a Chinese knife manufacturer known for its high-quality steel knives dating far back to the 15th century. As such, the TUO TC0721 chef knife is nothing less than TUO fine craftsmanship that can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks such as mincing, dicing, slicing, and chopping. It is excellent for family use as well as professional use. This classic 7-inch long chef blade weighs 0.47 pounds and has a thickness of 0.09 inch, which glides through food with ease. Coupling the chef knife’s dimension with the robust balance bolster gives you maximum maneuverability when using this Knife.

The ergonomic stunning Pakkawood handle on this TUO TC0721 chef knife is elegant and offers you a flexible and comfortable grip. This chef knife comes in a full tang design that enhances durability, strength, and control incredibly. Adopting on its Blade is the expertly fabricated tempered high carbon X50Cr15MoV German stainless steel end with Rockwell hardness of 56±2. The high-tech vacuum heat-treated and nitrogen cryogenic tempering blade ensures extreme strength, flexibility, and durability for maximum performance. Its Blade is honed at 12 – 15 degrees angle, giving it that razor-sharpness to cut through delicate meat and vegetables effortlessly. Moreover, the molybdenum and vanadium finishing improves the grain structure and durability of the Blade, making it easily glide through food.

Best Chef Knife Under $100 Buyer’s Guide

best chef knife

1. Size

The size of the Blade you want to buy is one of the most important aspects you need to consider when getting an inexpensive chef knife. When measuring the size of a chef knife, the Blade’s length, handle the thickness of the Blade, the Knife’s width, and weight all matter. Bigger knives are harder to maneuver than smaller knives.

2. Sharpness

A sharp chef knife cuts though meats and vegetables easily, giving you an entirely different experience when processing food. The angle the Knife is honed gives you an idea of the sharpness of the Knife. The smaller the angle the chef knife is honed, the sharper the Knife. The type of material used in making the Blade affects how well the Knife will hold sharpness of the Knife.

3. Handle

Some chef knives come with wooden handles, while others come with the traditional polymer handle. Irrespective of the type of handle, as long as it feels comfortable in your hand and balance, is what matters the most. Some handles come with a molded finger guard that protects your hand from the sharp Blade.

4. Blade Length

Lastly, when you want to buy any one of the best kitchen knives under $100, consider the length of the Blade. Small blade knives give you more control for cutting than larger blade knives. However, large blades knives have their fair share of uses, especially when cutting large meat or vegetables. A medium-sized chef knife of 8-inch or 7-inch is perfect for several tasks.


In conclusion, what matters the most when buying any of the best chef knife under $100 is convenience. As long as the Knife feels balanced in your hand and you can easily maneuver it, you are good to go. You need a lot of balance when handling knives with chef knives as it comes with razor sharpness. Get any of the recommended chef knives under $100 in this review for a complete, convenient food processing. If you have any questions or contributions about the chef knives in this review, please leave a comment section below.

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