If you plan to fillet your fish yourself, then having the best fish fillet knife is a good idea. To properly fillet fish, you need a sharp knife to make the process seamless. Dull knives, on the other hand, makes the process dangerous and tasking. To get a quality fillet knife, you need to make wise buying decisions. So, what are the features that make a knife best for filleting fish? In this review, we would be looking into the top 10 fish fillet knives you can get in 2022. Later in this review, you would find a concise briefing of features to consider when buying a fish fillet knife. 

Top 10 Best Fish Fillet Knife Reviews 2022

#1. Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife – Editor Choice

First on our list of fillet knives is the Mercer Culinary M23860, a multipurpose knife idea for fish filleting. Mercer, a leading professional cutlery manufacturer in North America with over 30 years of experience. On gazing at this knife, what’s very apparent about the design of this fillet knife is its narrow Blade. Considering the length of this knife, it measures 8.5 inches long. And with the Blade made from high carbon Japanese steel durability is one of the selling points for this knife. Mercer M23860 knife also offers you a nonstaining, rust-resistant, and discoloration Japanese steel. If precision is your target feature, the Mercer M23860 is made with strength and durability. You can expect this fillet knife to have a razor-sharp end that makes cutting and chopping a breeze.

Besides, with this Mercer Culinary M23860 fillet knife, you can easily sharpen it without worrying about deteriorating the steel. However, always store in a sheath to prevent injuries and preserve the cutting edge. Maneuvering this Mercer knife is also easy thanks to the ergonomic handle. A combination of Santoprene and polypropylene makes the handle of this knife different. Santoprene provides this handle with comfort while the polypropylene makes the handle durable. For better gripping, this knifes’ handle features a textured finger point, which also offers slip resistance. Take note not to wash this knife in a dishwasher as the harsh detergent, and intense heat may deteriorate the handle.

#2. Bubba Tapered Flex Fillet Fishing Knife – Best Value

Next on our list of best fillet knives is this Tapered Flex fillet knife from Bubba, the BB1-7F. Bubba is a San Diego manufacturer of high-quality and durable fillet knives on the water. You can use the Bubba BB1-7F fillet knife for small/medium fish filleting and detailed cuts/cleaning. You can hardly miss it’s 7 inches long Blade. Overall, the Bubba BB1-7F fillet knife is 13 inches long. A high carbon stainless steel blade with a full tang construction in this Bubba blade makes it higher versatile. And with the flexible nature of its Blade, you can virtually use this Blade for diverse cutting. Why would you need a flexible knife, you may wonder. With the flexible nature of the Bubba BB1-7F, you can slice meat from bones and make precise cutting.

On the surface of this Bubba knife’s Blade is titanium nitride coating, which makes the Blade nonstick. With its razor-sharp Blade measuring 2 mm thick and its nonstick surface, you can use the BB1-7F to smooth, clean-cut all your fishing trips. Furthermore, the Blade of this knife is fixed on an ergonomic handle that makes all the work easy. Along the handle of this Bubba BB1-7F are non-slip grips. Non-slip grippings provide you with an excellent grip of knives even with wet hands. The trigger grip also offers you with more grip and comfort to your fingers. Also, the safety guard protects your hands from sliding down the handle to the Blade while using. Use the lanyard hole to store the Blade.

#3. Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife – Best Overall Knives

Morakniv is another top manufacturer of a high-quality fillet knife. After a successful fishing trip, having a long fillet knife helps make taking care of your catch easy. Morakniv has been manufacturing sharp knives since 1891, and today can boast of over 400 years of experience. And with their experience comes this long fillet knife with a blade made from cold-rolled Swedish stainless steel. You can choose between the 6.1 inches and 3.5 inches long Morakniv fillet knife blade. The Morakniv fillet blade is carved from the Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. And with its Blade having a 1.9 mm thickness, it’s not surprising it is exceptionally sharp, hard, and corrosion resistance. What’s also unique about this Morakniv Blade is that it is very flexible. As such, you can use this knife for various outdoor activities as well as fishing.

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Another interesting feature about the fine craftsmanship and high-quality of this Morakniv fillet knife is its weight of only 99 grams. And overall, this knife measures 10.6 inches in length. The combination of steel and rubber handle gives this knife and edge to work safely and efficiently in a damp environment. The TPE rubber handle helps to reduce the risk of the knife slipping from your hand while using it. Along the handle of this fillet knife are pattern grippings that help provide better grip when handling.

What’s more, is the insulating nature of rubber, making it suitable to use a knife all year round. You also get a rugged plastic sheath that is easy to clean. You can either clip it to or loop the sheath to your belt.

#4. Rhinoreto Fillet Knife Fishing – Best for Stainless Steel Blade

Rhinoreto is a professional fillet knife suitable for chefs and passionate fishers. And with its exquisite blister packaging, you can choose this Rhinoreto fillet knife as a perfect gift idea. Enjoy the complete benefits of Rhinoreto quality in this fillet knife. One of the hard to miss benefits of this Rhinoreto knife is the flexible curved Blade. Interestingly, the Blade comes in three sizes options: 5 inches, 6.5 inches, and 8 inches. The stainless steel, as well as ultra-sleek make of this Rhinoreto knife, offers a perfect balance between flexibility and durability. The Blade’s surface is titanium nitride coating that makes the Blade far smoother than conventional blades. As such, you can use this knife to fillet both saltwater and freshwater fishes without complications.

Included with this knife is a perfect knife sharpener that preserves the integrity of the Rhinoreto blade. Easy to use double-sided ergonomic sharpener uses angled ceramic plates to sharpen your blades. Blunt knives are dangerous to use. For added safety, this Rhinoreto knife also features a non-slip ergonomic handle. So, even if your hands are wet or covered in fish mucus, you can always have a good grip on this Rhinoreto knife. You also get a 360-degree handguard around the anatomically shaped handle to increase the level of safety. Lastly, with the specially designed vented lightweight plastic sheath, you have a safe and secure way to store your knife. So, even if your store it wet, the vent ensures it sir drugs naturally, thereby protecting the Blade from corrosion.

#5. Kershaw Clearwater 9-In Fillet Knife – Stainless Steel Blade

Another quite fascinating best fillet knife worth getting in 2022 is this Kershaw 1259X fillet knife. Kershaw is a Japanese manufacturer with over 90 years of experience in making premier products. The 1259X is one of the premier quality fillet knives from Kershaw, carved from the durable, high-quality Japanese 420J2 steel. This caliber’s steel is soft and gives blades the perfect degree of flex for making detailed cuts. Additionally, this Blade can bend without breaking and moves through fish easily, rendering it an ideal knife for filleting. And with the 9 inches blade, you can use this Kershaw knife to fillet several sizes of fish. Moreover, this Kershaw fillet knife blade is highly corrosive resistant, making it suitable for work in a wet environment.

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The Kershaw 1259X fillet knife also gets an ergonomic handle that provides you with the perfect grip. The copolymer material used in making the handle of this knife is durable and long-lasting. The center of the handle is a contour that provides comfort and the right texture for tough grip making it less tiring to use this knife to fillet large catches. Both ends of the handle have a protective handguard that fits into the hand and locks in for extra comfort and protection. Since this Kershaw knife is extremely sharp, storing it in its own ABS sheath is best to prevent accidents. The sheath makes it easy to carry this knife in your belt and protect the Blade’s sharpness.

#6. DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – 7″ Flexible – Gladiator Series

Dalstrong, one of the top fillet knives manufacturers, is behind this excellent Gladiator Series fillet knife. You can use this Gladiator Series fillet knife for filleting, de-boning, descaling, butterflying, and trimming.  This knife stands out in its flexible Blade measuring 7 inches long, which gives you enough knuckle clearance to prepare and chop food. Featuring a 1.5 mm thickness, this Dalstrong Gladiator Series flexible fillet knife is extremely sharp. Precisely forged with high carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, and tampered to give this Dalstrong knife up to  56+ Rockwell hardness. Full tang construction further increases the quality and robustness of the Blade. And the beautiful hand-polished surface with a hint of chromium and satin finishing protects the steel of the Blade and makes it incredibly smooth.

Both sides of this Dalstrong Gladiator Series fillet knife’s Blade is painstakingly hand sharpened to 14-16 degrees on each side. Also, featuring on this Dalstrong Gladiator Series fillet knife is its ambidextrous black pakkawood handle. Wooden handles such as this imported Spain pakkawood provide better strength, sanitation, and water resistance. Moreover, the careful design of this Dalstrong Gladiator Series fillet knife handle offers maximum maneuverability and comfort. Sound engineering of the handle also makes this knife feel pleasing to hold as it balances well in weight. The triple rivets and polished bolster ensures you get the maximum level of strength. After every use, be sure to store this knife on its  Dalstrong PerfectFit sheath or PLU outdoor leather sheath for traveling.

#7. TUO Damascus Boning Fillet Knife 6 inch – Best Japanese Fish Fillet

TUO Cutlery, one of the top fillet knives manufacturers, is the maker of this Ring R Series TC0309R fillet knife. It has been in the industry of making professional cutlery for over 20 years. So, we can expect nothing less than professional fillet knife quality from this TUO Ring R Series. It is characterized by its AUS-10 Japanese Damascus super steel material, which gives this TUO Ring R Series a touch of exceptional high-end quality. To make this Blade even more durable, TUO heat-treated and forged the Blade over 67 alternating layers of high carbon stainless steel making it rust-resistant. Furthermore, the Blade is vacuum heat-treated, and nitrogen cooled to make it Rockwell hard with a rating of 62 +/-2.

As a result of the elegant and incredible quality of material used for the Blade, it has an excellent edge retention ability. The Blade’s sharpness is staggering at a 12 -15 degrees angle hand sharpening per side, making this knife extremely sharp with minimal resistance. Military-grade strength handle on this fillet knife also makes it suitable for all-weather and contributes to its durability. The G10 handle with a rigorous 9-step finishing process provides an excellent grip of this knife, making it easy to maneuver for delicate cuts.

#8. Dalstrong Fillet Knife 6 Inches Shadow Black Series

Shadow Black Series is another fillet knife set from Dalstrong worth checking out for 2022. And as you already know, Dalstrong is an exceptional manufacturer of professional cutlery. The F177 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter inspired this Dalstrong Shadow Black Series fillet knife. A standout feature of this fillet knife is its titanium nitride non-reflective coating. Titanium nitride coating toughens the Blade, enhances nonstick properties, adds rust-resistant, and improves this Blade’s appearance. Other things to love about this Blade includes its 6 inches long Blade crafted from high carbon steel 7CR17MOV. Following this high carbon steel’s heat tampering is a deep-freeze nitrogen cooling process that enhances the flexibility and hardness of the Blade. With a Rockwell hardness rating of 58+, you can expect top of the line performance.

Ruthlessly honed at 16-18 degrees angle, this Dalstrong knife is extremely sharp. Since its Blade is hard, this Dalstrong Shadow Black Series fillet knife has an exceptional sharpness retention ability. With its full tang construction and excellent handle placement, you can be sure this knife wouldn’t give out anytime soon. Fiber resin angular G10 handle provides a comfortable grip allowing the palm and hand to wrap comfortably around the handle. After every use, always remember to store the knife in its PerfectFit sheath to prevent accidents and protect the Blade’s sharpness.

#9. Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet Knife

Fish ‘N Fillet knife is another fillet knife set manufactured by Marttiini. Marttiini is the marker of the premium Rapala fillet knives, and they have over 50 years of experience. Fish ‘N Fillet is a perfect fishing knife with a durable construction that makes it suitable for cleaning both saltwater and freshwater fishes. Crafted from the European stainless steel and progressively tampered to add to the strength of the Blade. Its 6 inches flexible blade with a full tang construction combines both versatility and longevity. And the smooth surface on this Rapala Fish ‘N Fillet knife with its ultra-sharp edge makes it easily glide through fish.

For more performance, Marttiini further improves this knife by securely anchoring its razor-sharp Blade in the legendary birch wooden handle. Classic birch varnished handle offers an ergonomic grip of this knife for better maneuvering. A safety notch on both ends of the handle secures the tang for better grip and safety. The fine leather sheath also comes in handy to store the knife.  Included with this nice is a single-stage sharpener you can always use to keep this knife sharp.

#10. Bubba 9 Inch Stiff Fillet Knife – Best Stainless Steel Fillet Knives

Last on our list of 10 best fish fillet knives is another exceptional knife from Bubba, the Stuff Fillet Knife. This Bubba fillet knife has a 9 inches long blade. Bubba Stiff Fillet Knife belongs to the same Core Knife Family as the Bubba BB1-7F with flex blades. Overall, this Bubba Stiff Fillet Knife is heavier than other Bubba flex blades and suitable for cutting much bigger fish with more control. The Nonstick Blade of this Bubba Stiff Fillet Knife makes glide effortlessly through fish and meat.

The Blade of this knife crafted from 8CR13MOV stainless steel and coated with titanium nitride makes the Blade rust-resistant and features an extra sharp edge. And its 2 mm thick blade on this Bubba Stiff Fillet Knife is ideal for precision cutting. Furthermore, the Blade of this knife is fixed on an ergonomic handle that makes all the work easy. Along the handle of this Bubba Knife are non-slip grips. Also, with the trigger grip, you get more grip and comfort to your fingers. Also, its safety guard protects your hands from sliding down the handle to the Blade while using. Use the lanyard hole to store the Blade.

Best Fish Fillet Knife Buyer’s Guide

fillet knives

1. Size

Many people often neglect to take into consideration the size of the knife they are buying. Because in reality, the size or the fillet knife you’re buying matters a lot. Having the right size of knife determines how easy you’d find filleting or cutting a particular fish. Shorter blades size is more suitable for cleaning smaller fishes as they give you more precision. Similarly, larger blades are better with larger knives. Size also matters concerning portability and storage.

2. Blade Material

Blades of fish fillet knives are crafted from different types of material, particularly steel. Choose a fillet knife finished with an ideal coating like titanium nitride, satin, or chromium to make it resistant to corrosion. Because you’re using the fish cleaning knife in a wet environment, particularly salt, it can affect the Blade.  So, you need to go for something with good quality and one that is corrosive resistant.

3. Handle Material

You need a comfortable grip if you want to effectively use a fillet knife to make slicing and dicing quick and easier. When you’re fishing, your hand will be mostly wet, meaning a non-slip grip handle will make things a lot easier. Aim for fillet knives carved with wood, plastic, or rubber handle.

4. Safety

Safety is important, especially when handling any of the sharpest fillet knives. It measures to keep an eye out for are first the safety guard on the handle. The safety guard protects your hand from slipping off the knives. Secondly, go for a fillet knife that comes in a sheath. Sheath helps to prevent injuries as well as protect the sharpness of the Blade.

5. Flexibility

Most fillet knives are flexible, giving you the ability to make delicate cuts. However, do not confuse the flexibility of a fish cleaning knife to mean poor quality. Some flexible knives are weak and break easily. So, when getting a knife, be sure not to neglect its flexibility. Hopefully, the quality of the knife you’re getting is top-notch and, as such, wouldn’t give out or break easily.


Now that you know the various types of best fish fillet knife you can get for 2022, you should pretty much have a better understanding of what you need. It’s always a perfect idea to have the right set of knives to take along with you while fishing makes cleaning the fish a lot easier. Perhaps a long knife or a short knife would be best for what you need. Whatever the case may be, be sure to take advantage of this review to make the best possible choice. If you have any questions or comments, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

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