No electricity? Don’t let that stop you from grinding your meat. Get the best manual meat grinder, and use it anytime anywhere, with no strings attached. Using a manual meat grinder gives you a finer well ground meat, for a delicious recipe. Interestingly, manual meat grinders are way cheaper compared to electric meat grinders. Concerning durability and ease of use, manual meat grinders are at the top of the chart. The advantages you’d get from using a manual meat grinder over an electric one are limitless. If you are interested in getting one or finding out more information, below are the top 7 manual meat grinder reviews.

The 7 Best Manual Meat Grinders Reviews 2022

#1. KitchenAid KSMMGA Metal Food Grinder – Editor Choice

At the top of this review is a hand meat grinder from one of the most renowned manufacturers of kitchen-wares, the KitchenAid. KitchenAid is not new to manufacturing meat grinders, and as such, the KSMMGA is nothing less than KitchenAid standard. Get creative today, use this KitchenAid grinder to make the best of hot dogs or burgers. When it comes to talking about the versatility of this Grinder, we can go on and on. This KitchenAid grinder is merely a grinder attachment. So, this Grinder being just an attachment could be advantageous to you depending on how you want to view it.  

From one standpoint, the KitchenAid KSMMGA is simply a grinder attachment, but it gives you the flexibility to choose whichever mixer you’d love to attach to it. If you’re not really into much grinding and require less power, you can save some extra money when you purchase a less powerful mixer. But on the other hand, some people see this KitchenAid KSMMGA grinder not having its mixer as a letdown, as they would still need to spend extra to purchase a mixer. Another good news about this KitchenAid KSMMGA is that you can choose to automate it, by using an electric mixer or you can simply get a manual mixer to remain totally off the use of electricity. Again the choice of picking between a manual or automatic mixer depends on your preference and budget.

Furthermore, the KitchenAid KSMMGA grinder itself comes in a full steel construction strong enough to tackle even the strongest ingredients. Included with this Grinder are grinding plates that allow you to Grind your meat either fine, medium, or even coarse, depending on how you like it. Additionally, there are also two sausage stuffing tubes included in the box.

#2. Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder – Best Value

Next on our list is another great hand meat mincer, but this time around, we’re taking a product from Gideon, the GD-MT-MCER-02. This Gideon meat grinder is a sturdy combination of plastic and stainless steel. Plastic? Yes, plastic. Although, plastic might not be the strongest of material to use in a meat grinder. But on this GD-MT-MCER-02 Gideon meat grinder, you can be sure every inch of plastic used is sturdy and made to last. The plastic cup on this Grinder is transparent, letting you see if any meat gets stuck in the grinding house. 

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Apart from its durable and lightweight construction, this Gideon meat grinder also comes with an easy to turn ergonomic hand crank that feels natural while you use it. One of the major struggles of a manual grinder, especially when handling tough meats or hard vegetables, is keeping the Grinder in place while you turn the hand crank and, at the same time, push the food down the cup. But with this GD-MT-MCER-02 Gideon meat grinder, you’d not experience such struggles as the Grinder also features rubber suctions at its base that keeps the Grinder in place while grinding.

Moreover, its Blade is also enclosed, which eliminates the possibility of injuries. And if you ever need to push the meat down, there’s a included plastic meat pusher in the box. The stainless steel blade and plates help give you the best of results. You can choose to use the fine mincing plate or a coarse mincing plate, depending on your preference. Cleaning this Gideon meat grinder is also effortless. It is straightforward to disassemble as it is also dishwasher safe.

#3. Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder – Best Overall Meat Grinder

Why settle for less hand meat grinders when you can get this affordable meat grinder from Bellemain, the TRTAZ11A. Bellemain has one of the most expansive lines of products in terms of kitchen-wares, from cutleries to kitchen gadgets, you name it. When you mention Bellemain, durability, and performance are what come to mind. With this understanding about the manufacturer, it’s no surprise the TRTAZ11A from Bellemain is on our list. And like most of its competitors, the TRTAZ11A comes with a mix of plastic and stainless steel construction.

The design of the TRTAZ11A is such that it comes with a heavy-duty transparent plastic grinding house. Its hand crank, base, cup, and meat pusher all have the same heavy-duty plastic material construction. However, you might feel skeptical about having a plastic structure in your meat grinder, especially on a manual meat grinder. Nevertheless, the plastic on this Bellemain TRTAZ11A meat grinder has a high resistance to break. Additionally, both the Blade and plates have the same heavy-duty stainless steel material construction, which ensures you get the right texture easily and quickly. On the Bellemain TRTAZ11A, its plate has ⅛ inches holes, which is the perfect size for grinding beef, chicken, pork, lamb, ham for making the best sausages, burgers, hotdogs, hashes, meatballs and so much more.

At the base of this meat grinder are rubber suction base anchors that help to increase its stability. So, while you roll the ergonomic hand crank, you don’t have to worry about the Grinder moving around the counter. Also, all parts of this Grinder are dishwasher safe. You can easily take apart the Grinder for cleaning. And because it has a compact size, it won’t hog a lot of storage space in your kitchen. In summary, the Bellemain TRTAZ11A is not for heavy or high volume grindings, but it promises to offer you reliable quality and performance for the average family use.

#4. VBENLEM Manual Meat Grinder – Best Hand Meat Grinder

If you’re searching for stainless steel meat grinders, you should consider taking a look at the VBENLEM manual meat grinder. Unlike other meat grinders so far in this review, the VBENLEM is the first meat grinder with a full 304 stainless steel body construction. So, in terms of durability and performance, this VBENLEM grinder wouldn’t disappoint you. Because of this Grinder’s heavy-duty steel construction, you can also use it as a manual bone grinder. Ideally, this VBENLEM meat grinder has an expansive range of versatility that lets you get by your various grinding desires effortlessly.

Among the list of things to love about this VBENLEM manual meat grinder is its compact design. This VBENLEM meat grinder measures 6.7 inches in length, 6 inches in-breath, and 9.6 inches tall. It also weighs fairly about 6.4 pounds. You also get the option to use a clamp to attach this Grinder to a tabletop. And the ergonomic wooden design of this hand crank provides you with maximum comfort while you grind.

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Additionally, VBENLEM made things more interesting by including two replaceable plates with this Grinder; one 5mm plate and one 8mm plate. Also, you get an additional sausage stuffing tube to make food preparation easier. Extra accessories you’d find in the box are a meat pusher (which helps keep your hand from the grinding house, a PA shaft sleeve, and a brush. When it comes to cleaning, which we all know can be quite a hassle, VBENLEM did excellently by making this meta grinder easy to disassemble. So you can easily access every bit of the Grinder with a brush for quick cleaning. And because it has a stainless steel construction, it is anti-rust and easy to clean.

#5. Huanyu Manual Meat Grinder – Best Stuffer Manual Meat Grinding

Huanyu WJJ-191A is another the best crank handle meat grinder you’d find very convenient to use. We love it so much that this meat grinder also comes with a full stainless steel body construction. In other words, this Huanyu WJJ-191A is an entirely durable meat grinder. Longevity is the major selling point of this meat grinder. And quite frankly, considering the heavy-duty steel construction and ergonomic design, there’s no excuse not to want to buy this meat grinder. To even make this Grinder even more enticing, it costs only a few bucks south $100.

Another feature you can expect from the Huanyu WJJ-191A is this Grinder’s multifunctional property that lets you choose between grinding and stuffing conveniently. By merely installing the 3cr13 stainless steel cross blade and the 8 mm meat plate will give you a fine grind. You’d also get a 4.5 mm meat plate as a gift with this Huanyu meat grinder. For stuffing, install the 304 stainless steel enema, and you’re good to go. Installing either the meat plate or Enama is easy and straightforward, all you need is to attach it and screw it in the grinding shaft. You’d also find its ergonomically designed hand very comfortable to use.

The 304 stainless steel drill of this Grinder also comes in handy, especially with slippery meat. With this Huanyu meat grinder, you get double fixing flexibility. At the bottom of this meat grinder is a suction cup you can use to keep this grinder stable while you use it. And if you prefer something more fixed, you can use the steel clip to attach the Grinder to a countertop. Assembling and disassembling this meat grinder is also very straightforward. And because this Huanyu meat grinder is made with stainless steel, cleaning up after use is easy.

#6. Weston 36-3201-W 32lb Heavy Duty Manual Grinder – Top Rated

Prepare your favorite side dishes, be it Italian sausages, meatloaf, burgers, and so on in your kitchen with this Weston 36-2201-W meat grinder. What makes Weston meat grinders stand out is their exquisite combination of quiet performance with rugged durability. In the 36-2201-W, the steel construction with food-safe tin coating ensures you get that heavy-duty performance promised by Weston. If you’re searching for the best hand meat grinder under $100, consider the Weston 35-2201-W. Not only is the Weston meat grinder affordable, but it is straightforward to use. Its ergonomically designed wooden crank handle makes the Grinder feel very comfortable in your hand while you use it.

Furthermore, you can use the Weston 36-2201-W for grinding and stuffing. For grinding, you get the flexibility to install either of two plates with different hole sizes. You can either install the 4.5 mm plate for grinding your meat into a medium fineness or the 8 mm plate for grinding your meat into a coarse fineness and the steel knife, and you’re good to go. On the other hand, stuffing with the Weston 36-2201-W, is pretty easy, as this Grinder comes with three funnels for stuffing your meat. Depending on the length of the hotdog you want to make, you can either use the 24 mm, 19mm, or 14 mm stuffing funnel as it pleases you.

While you grind your meat or vegetables with this Weston meat grinder, you can secure it to your table or countertop with four screws. And at a weight of only 32 pounds, this cast iron manual grinder would not weigh your table or countertop down. This Weston grinder is also very easy to clean and assemble. Why don’t you take control over your food preparation with this economic and reliable tool for meat processing?

#7. Starfrit 093347-003-0000 Manual Meat Grinder – Best Meat Grinder Under $50

Lastly, on our list of meat hand grinder is this beautiful looking Grinder from Starfrit. The Starfrit 093347-003-NEW1 is a perfect hand meat chopper, ideal for chopping your favorite spices, vegetables, cheese, etc. With this Starfrit meat grinder, you can mince your meat raw or cooked in no time. Its two grinding plates and sharp Blade give you the flexibility to prepare your food either coarse or fine, deposing on how you like it. You will, in no doubt, find this Starfrit meat grinder very easy to use.

However, its full body plastic construction may seem discouraging. Still, Starfrit was excellent in its construction to ensure its plastic is durable enough to handle a wide variety of meat textures. You can use this Starfrit 093347-003-NEW1 grinder to mine beat, ham, chicken, and many more with no complications. Moreover, the stainless steel handle with plastic coating also adds to the efficiency of the Grinder. And the Grinder has a suction base that contributes to the stability of the while grinding. All pieces of this Starfrit grinder are removable for easy cleaning, as it is also dishwasher safe.

Buyer’s guide Best Manual Meat Grinder

manual meat grinder

1. Size

Why does size matter when buying a meat grinder? Apart from the meat grinder occupying so much space, the size also determines how much meat you can grind at once. So, having a big meat grinder comes with its pros and cons. Picking the perfect size of the meat grinder depends greatly on your preference and its purpose. For example, if you often make many meatloaves, burgers, sausage, and so on, mainly for a large family, you should go for the bigger sized meat grinder. Using a small meat grinder would also work, but it would be a lot more stressful, as it can only grind so little at a time. In summary, the first thing you should consider when buying a meat grinder is the size since it is quite evident from the first sight.

2. Price

It is a no brainer that you shouldn’t expect to get a $1000 meat grinder performance in a $100 meat grinder. So, when buying a meat grinder, you need to understand that your budget restricts the value you should expect. Having a budget helps when getting a meat grinder as it helps you narrow down the list of meat grinder you can conveniently get without breaking the bank.

Another thing you need to understand about the meat grinder’s pricing is that the cheaper the meat grinder, the lower the longevity of the Grinder. What this simply means is that cheaper meat grinders use a less durable material. For example, 304 stainless steel is more durable than a sturdy plastic. So, you can expect plastic meat grinders to be less expensive than a steel meat grinder.

3. Materials and durability

Still on the subject of durability, the type of material says it all about the meat grinder’s durability. Steel is the most durable choice of material most manufacturers use. So, if we are to recommend any choice of material you should keep a close eye for when buying a durable meat grinder, it would be the 304 stainless steel. Moreover, apart from stainless steel’s durability, they are also quite sleek, making it easy to clean. The only letdown of going for a steel meat grinder is that they are usually heavy and more expensive. You are after something more portable, lightweight, and affordable; you should opt for meat grinders with plastic construction.

4. Performance

Performance-wise, things you should look out for are the Blade, Grinder’s crank, hole size of the plate after the Blade, handle, and fixing design (if it uses a clamp, a suction cup, or both). The Blade needs to be sharp, and the Grinder’s crank needs to be well designed to prevent missing slippery meats.  The ease at which you find disassembling this meat grinder also contributes to the performance. Some meat grinders are dishwasher safe, while others are not, so you might want to keep a close eye out for those that are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

manual meat grinders

Are Manual Meat Grinders Hard to Use

Manual meat grinders are not hard to use. All you need to know is the working principle, and you are good to go. Place your meat in the meat tray, and by rolling the handle, you would see the Grinder’s crank feeding the meat to the Blade, which then minces the meat and passes it through the holes of the Blade. So, it is pretty easy to use a manual meat grinder. Some manual meat grinders also come with a sausage stuffing tube to make sausage making easier.

Can I Interchange the Plates of Meat Grinders

Yes, the plates on a meat grinder are interchangeable. You just need to ensure that the plate you are switching it with is the same size. To change the plate of a meat grinder, simply screw open the retaining ring, to access the plate. Swap the plates and screw close the retaining ring, and you are good to go.

What is the Best Manual Meat Grinder

The best manual meat grinder you can get is the VBENLEM meat grinder in this review with a full 304 stainless steel body construction. Apart from its durability, the VBENLEM meat grinder also comes with a sausage stuffing tube. You also get two different size hole plates, 8 mm, and 5 mm, and two fixing designs, a camp, and a suction cup.

Can You Grind Vegetables in a Meat Grinder

Yes, you can grind vegetables in a meat grinder. Vegetables like carrot, lettuce, and various spices can be ground on a meat grinder conveniently. However, some vegetables are very strong and require a durable meat grinder like those made with steel and not plastic, so you might want to note that.


In conclusion, we hope this review of the best manual meat grinder for 2022 was able to help you make a choice that will best serve you. In this review, we considered durability and performance and the cost-efficiency of the products. So, opt-in for a manual grinding machine and start chopping meat for your whole family’s various grilling choices. If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment or feedback in the comment section below.   

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