On the right hand, a pocket knife could be a lifesaver in the face of danger. So, carrying a pocket knife can come in very handy in certain situations, and having the best pocket knife sharpener to go along with it makes a perfect match. However, with time, your knife is bound to get blunt. But with the right sharpener, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about a dull knife. The question now is, how do you make the best sharpener to purchase? After extensive research, considering budget, portability, and durability, we came up with the top 10 pocket knife sharpeners below.

The 10 Best Pocket Knife Sharpener Reviews 2022

#1. Work Sharp Guided Field Pocket Knife Sharpener – Editor Choice

First on our list is a sharpener from Work Sharp. Work Sharp is a fine establishment based in America with over 40 years of working experience in creating renowned and industrial leading sharpening tools. This model of sharpener from Work Sharp is suitable for home, shop, and field use, which makes it quite versatile for every scenario. As a sportsman, you can choose to use this Work Sharp sharpener as your go-to field compact sharpening solution. Apart from its being a compact knife sharpener, it is also durable enough to last for years. Its 4 x 1 inches of sharpening surface provides you with enough space to get the job done effortlessly.

Unlike other sharpening tools, this field sharpener from Work Sharp comes incorporated with five stages of sharpening. At the top of this sharpener are two levels of diamond plates, one is coarse with 220 grits for repairing and shaping, while the other is fine with 600 grits for sharpening. Similarly, at the side are two ceramic rods, the first is a 3-position ceramic rod, which offers a coarse grit, fine grit, and a fishhook honing side. While at the other side of the sharpener is a leather strop, which comes with a micro-abrasive to give your blade that razor-sharp edge finishing. What’s even more fascinating about this sharpener’s design is that each sharpening side comes with a built-in angle guide that provides a consistent bevel across the entire blade.

#2. Smith’s PP1 pocket pal multifunction sharpener – Best Value

Next on our list is another unique multifunctional sharpener from Smith. Unlike every other sharpener manufacturer, Smith is an Arkansas company with the broadest product line of sharpening tools ranging from simple fixed-angle sharpeners to sophisticated precision kits.  The Smith PP1 Pocket Pal comes with a unique design that makes it ideal for outdoor men who want to keep their knives sharp. At a glance, the feature that stands out the most in this sharpener is its portable and slim nature. As a result, if you are in search of a compact, lightweight knife sharpener you can carry along, this Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal is a perfect match. It even features a lanyard hole, which makes mobility even way easier.

Furthermore, looking into the durability of this knife sharpener is also not disappointing. At the top of this sharpener are two slots in the shape of “V,” the first is a coarse carbide slot which you can use to set the blade, or start the sharpening process. On the other side of the sharpener is the fine ceramic stone sharpening edge, which is the finishing slot you can use to give your knife that razor-sharp edge. Both slots are preset at an angle to provide you with a guaranteed result every time. There is also a tapered round diamond-coated rod you can use for sharpening standard and serrated edges.

#3. Lansky PS-MED01 BladeMedic – Best Overall

PS-MED01 is another handy knife sharpener from Lansky. Why choose Lansky sharpeners? You may be wondering. Well, Lansky is a top sharpeners manufacturer with over 35 years of creating and designing high-quality tools that allow anyone regardless of their experience to sharpen their blades. So, when it comes to durability and design, you can bank on Lansky to always deliver. And as such, the PS-MED01 has an all-metal construction for extra durability. Overall, the design of this Lansky PS-MED01 looks very similar to the PP1 Pocket knife sharpener from Smith we just reviewed. However, this Lansky PS-MED01 comes with a serrated ceramic feature, which is a plus for it.

In summary, looking closely at the key features of the Lansky PS-MED01, you’d realize it is a 4-in-1 portable knife sharpener for all types of blades. On the PS-MED01 is a tungsten carbide V-shaped slot, a ceramic V-shaped finishing slot, a serrated ceramic knife sharpener, and a diamond tapered rod. While the diamond part of this sharpener offers 600 grit of roughness for sharpening tools, the ceramic parts offer up to 1000 grit.

The sharpening angles of the BladeMedic are preset at 22.5 degrees so that you can achieve a 45 degrees inclusive angle while sharpening. It only takes a few strokes on the tungsten carbide slot, to quickly restore the sharpness of your blade, while you can use the ceramic slot to give it that razor sharpness. Also, while the serrated ceramic knife sharpener’s design will always fit any serration, the diamond tapered rod comes in handy in sharpening gut hook knives and serrated knives.

#4. AccuSharp 001C Knife Sharpener – Best for Broadhead Sharpener

AccuSharp is USA based manufacturer of knife sharpeners, known for their ergonomic pocket knives sharpeners. The difference between AccuSharp’s knife sharpeners and other knife sharpeners is the ease at which you can use the AccuSharp. AccuSharp 001C is also quite versatile and a perfect sharpener for chef’s knives, serrated knives, fillet knives, paring knives – you name it. As long as you own a knife, the AccuSharp 001C is a must-have. And with the full-length finger guard, you can be sure your fingers are protected while sharpening your blades. AccuSharp also did an excellent job in the exceptional quality of the 001C knife sharpener’s quality as it will not rust, and you can clean it with soap and water as it is dishwasher-safe.

In no time, you can sharpen your tools thanks to the diamond-honed tungsten carbide blades. Tungsten is hard materials, and as such, wouldn’t wear out on time. With the AccuSharp sharpener, you can be sure its blades will provide you with years of reliable use. Most users have even reported using its blades for an average of five to ten years. All you need to use the 001C sharpener is very little pressure, while you hold the knife securely as you place the V notch on the knife and draw the AccuSharp past the point of the blade. Furthermore, the AccuSharp 001C also comes with a unique design that allows you to reverse the blades, to change the direction from a pull through to a push through. Choose the AccuSharp 001C for a fast and effective way to sharpen your knives. 

#5. Sharpal 101N 6-In-1 Pocket Knife Sharpener – Survival Tool

When it comes to surviving out in the wild, Sharpal gives you an edge. Sharpal is a leading manufacturer of patented and professional multifunction knife and tool sharpeners for more than 18 years. The Sharpal 101N is a survival tool with six features incorporated in one portable compact design, measuring 3 ½ inches long, and 1 2/5 inches wide. Among the features of the Sharpal 101N is the soft rubber coating that produces a comfortable grip while using it. There is also a lanyard hole, which makes it easy to carry. Moreover, the Sharpal 101N is a lightweight sharpener measuring only 1.5 ounces.

In terms of function, this 101N knife sharpener from Sharpal comes with a high-pitched emergency whistle at one end, which is loud enough to produce up to 110 dB. Additionally, at the other end of the sharpener is an all-weather fire starter that is perfect for bushcraft, survival, camping, and other outdoor activities. On looking at the sharpening function, the 101N comes with two V-shaped slots, one tungsten carbide blade slot, and another ceramic blade slot. And then, there is also the tapered diamond rod, which provides up to 400 grit of roughness. The diamond rod is perfect for sharpening gut hooks, fish hooks, and grooves for serrated knives. Although you can use this Sharpal 101N to sharpen bigger knives, it functions better as a small knife sharpener.

#6. Lansky QuadSharp QSHARP – Best for Ceramic Benchstone

Here is another excellent product from Lansky, but this time around, we would be looking at one of their products, the QuadSharp QSHARP. Unlike the PS-MED01 sharpener we reviewed earlier, the QSHARP sharpeners are different because they offer more functions. Interestingly, this QSHARP sharpener four V-grooves angle controlled systems and a ceramic bench stone for fine polishing. Due to the design of this sharpener, you can use it to sharpen regular, fillet, and serrated knives. By applying slight pressure, with three or four strokes, you can use these QSHARP sharpeners to restore your blade’s sharpness anytime, anywhere. Another feature we love so much about this QSHARP sharpener is its portable and compact design.

Design-wise, you already know the Lansky QSHARP sharpener comes with V-grooves. Each of the four V-grooves on this sharpener is such that they are set at different angles for better sharpening effects. Its V-grooves are angled at 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees. You can use the V-grooves to sharpen serrated and straight knives. Plus, each V-groove is designed with carbide teeth, which is perfect for re-profiling dull blades. And to further make this sharpener a standalone sharpening solution, Lansky added a medium 800 grit tapered ceramic bench stone that does not wear out like steel.

#7. Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro Handheld Sharpener – Soft Grip Handle

On our list, is another product from Smith’s, the 50185 Jiffy-Pro. This Smith’s 50185 is an ergonomic sharpener that makes sharpening blades easy and effortless. The Smith 50185 comes with an easy hold handle, which makes all the difference in this sharpener. Its handle it provides you with a means to hold the sharpener firmly while you sharpen your blade. In terms of quality, this Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro sharpener is quite impeccable, with soft-grip handle and high-end sharpening grit for coarse and fine sharpening. Looking slowly at the design of its handle, though it is made with plastic, it’s still durable and includes a knuckle guard. The Smith 50185 Jiffy-Pro has a compact design, measuring 7⅝ inches overall length.

Furthermore, like most sharpening tools, this Jiffy-Pro is ideal for sharpening scissors as well as knives. On the Smith’s Jiffy-Pro, you get two stages of sharpening and a slot where you can insert your scissors for sharpening. One of its sharpening slots is cross carbide blades,  which you use to set the blade’s edges. On the other end are crossed ceramic blades for honing the final edge of your blade to razor sharpness. So, when you are looking for a reliable and straightforward pocket knife sharpener, you can always trust Jiffy-Pro to deliver. 

#8. Utopia Kitchen 10-Inch Steel Sharpening Rod – Best for Carbon Steel

Utopia Kitchen is another top manufacturer of kitchenware, especially sharpening tools that can last for decades. Everyone wants a tool that will offer them value for money and is also durable enough to last years. As such, Utopia Kitchen made it possible to have such luxury in a sharpener by manufacturing this steel rod sharpener. When it comes to ease of use, this steel rod is straightforward to use, as it takes only three or four pulls to get your knife sharp again. In terms of durability as well, this knife sharpener also stands out. The high-quality steel used in the manufacturing of this sharpener will surely beat any doubt you have about this sharpener’s longevity.

Furthermore, this Utopia Kitchen steel sharpener is very easy to maintain; they are dishwasher safe. However, when you wash it with soap and water, wipe it dry to prevent rusting because of its steel material. You can also use a nonwoven oil cloth to clean it. Generally, it is best to avoid cleaning this rod with water. Additionally, this Utopia Kitchen sharpener rod measures 10 inches long, with rubber gripping. The rod itself measures less than ½ inches in diameter. This Utopia Kitchen sharpener also comes with an ergonomic rubber handle gripping, which provides you with a perfect way to hold this tool while you sharpen your knife.

#9. Lofter TG1802 Kitchen Knife Sharpener – Best for Polish Blades

TG1802 professional knife sharpener is a fantastic sharpener from Lofter. Lofter is known for its impressive design in its products, which produce high-quality material and safety. As such, it’s no surprise the TG1802 stands out. Built with such a quality, the TG1802 guarantees you years of use without encouraging any faults or issues. Overall, the design of the sharpener is also straightforward and easy to use. Moreover, this model of sharpener from Lofter is an upgraded version from their previous release, as it now includes an added angle adjustment setting. With this sharpener, you can adjust the blade angles between 15 to 45 degrees to sharpen knives with different sizes, edges, and thickness.

On the sharpener are two V-shaped slots. On one side of the sharpener are the ultra-hard diamond blades, while, on the other hand, are the ceramic blades. The diamond blades are perfect for coarse sharpening. After using the diamond blades, you can use the ceramic blades for a final sharpening and fine honing. At the base of this sharpener is a non-slip cushion, which provides maximum control while sharpening. And as you sharpen your knives, the ergonomic handle provides you with a steady and comfortable grip. 

#10. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife – Best for Stainless Steel

Last on our list is this perfect pocket knife from Victorinox. Victorinox, the manufacturers of the legendary original Swiss Army Knife, has been in the industry since 1884 and is based in Switzerland. So, when we say the Swiss Army Classic SD pocket knife from Victorinox is worth every penny, it’s true. Apart from the value for money you get, this tool is also quite versatile for everyday use with up to seven functions.

The Victorinox includes a 1.25 inches blade, a scissor, a nail file with a screwdriver, a keyring, a toothpick, and tweezers. The compact design of this tool and durable construction makes it different.  This tool measures 2.25 inches in length, 0.354 inches in width, and weighs 0.74 oz. The stainless steel construction material encased in polished ABS scales provides you with the ultimate sleek design.


In conclusion, among the best pocket knife sharpeners reviewed, any one of the above will serve you well. Feel free to pick any one of these high-quality sharpeners that fall within your budget and design choice. When picking out a pocket knife sharpener, what matters is the size, durability, and the type of grit used. The best grits to have in your sharpener ranges from ceramic to carbide blades or steel in some cases. If you have any questions about any of the products, please leave a comment section below.

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