Essential knives you need at home include a serrated bread knife, chef’s knife, paring knife, and a steak knife. With the best steak knife by your side, you can enjoy eating delicious cuts of meat. Having an ideal set of steak knives will add a sense of dress-up to your table, and can also serve as a perfect gift for foodies. A stylish steak knife will surely be appreciated in any household.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you ought to know about steak knives when shopping for one. Understand that there are so many substandard steak knives out there. As such, when picking out a steak knife, the quality of the blade, handle, finishing, length of the blade, amongst other features should be put into consideration. If you don’t know where to begin, you can start by taking a closer look at our recommended steak knife for 2023 below.

Top 10 Best Steak Knives Reviews

#1. Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8 – Steak Knife Set – Editor Choice

Home Hero is an exceptional steak knife featuring a mix of quality materials. Sold at an affordable price, this 8-piece knife set from Home Hero is durable and offers great value. So, whether you are a newbie or a master chef, this steak knife from Home Hero steak knife is a must-have.

8-piece Steak Knife Set

Home Hero designed this steak knife as a complete 8-piece set. Included in this knife set are eight 8.5 inches serrated knives. Each piece can serve several purposes such as cutting bread and applying spread as well as cutting steak. And because you are getting eight knives so cheaply, you get so much value from this knife. 

Stainless Steel Blade

Unlike some steak knives that are cheaply made, this Home Hero knife set is made of durable stainless steel. The special heat-treated stainless steel used in forging the blade of this knife set will not break or bend under strain. And to ensure the blade lasts long, Home Hero coated the stainless steel with a durable nonstick coating which makes the blade corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. 

Fully Serrated Blade

Each knife in this set of knives from Home Hero comes with a fully serrated blade. The serration of the blade of this knife is super sharp and increases cutting efficiency. Moreover, serrated blades are multipurpose knives ideal for so many cuttings.

Polypropylene Handle with TPR Coating

Unlike cheaply molded handles of some knives, Home Hero made use of polypropylene material to mold the handle of this knife. The polypropylene is ergonomically designed letting it sit comfortably in your hand for easy control. Also, it features a TPR coating for easy, firm, and comfortable cutting.

Final Verdict

This Home Hero 8-piece knife set is a big game-changer for cutting steaks. Designed with premium materials, and designed to make cutting through steak like butter.

#2. Amazon Basics Premium 8-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife Set – Best Value

Another stand out steak knives set we recommend you consider buying is this Amazon Basics. AmazonBasics is no new manufacturer of kitchen utensils as they are known for their highly-rated products at low prices. Don’t let the low price of this knife fool you as this AmazonBasics steak knife doesn’t slack when it comes to quality. 

8-piece High-quality Steak Knives

This Amazon Basic steak knife is an amazing set of steak knives that lets you own a couple of knives with a single buy. Such a great knife for only a couple of dollars is a great bargain. Not to mention, it is quite durable thanks to the triple-riveted design of the handles.

Stain-resistant Steel Blades

Amazon Basics forged the blade of this knife from a single piece of stain-resistant steel. As such, the blade of this knife is pretty sturdy and durable. And thanks to the micro-serrated edges of this knife, you will never need to sharpen these knives.

Full Tang

To increase the durability of the knife, Amazon Basics designed this knife as a full tang. The full tang design makes this knife quite solid to handle heavy-duty cutting. Moreover, the full tang design harmonizes the weight of the knife, balancing the blade with the handle.

Plastic Handle

Amazon Basics designed this premium knife set with a bakelite style plastic handle. The handle is molded such that it gives you an ergonomic feel. In addition to that, Amazon Basics designed the handle with a full bolster end which helps to keep the fingers away from the blade.

Final Verdict

One major drawback of this knife is its serrated edge that tends to tear the meat and not slice through, plus the fact the knife is not dishwasher safe. Nevertheless, the design of this blade and the excellent balance of the knife as a whole gives you the best steak knife for the money.

#3. Farberware 4-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set – Best Overall

Faberware is the number one manufacturer of top steak knives set in the industry. Farberware represents affordability, classic styling, and high quality in cutlery. With this Farberware steak knife, you get ergonomic and durable cutlery for every kitchen need.

4-piece Steak Knife Set

This Farberware steak knife comes with 4-piece knives. Rather than buying a single knife, this steak knife set lets you get more knives at an affordable price. And despite its affordability, this Farberware steak knife is durable and offers an incredible balance in weight and control.

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Stainless Steel Blade

Farberware blades are durable and long-lasting thanks to the tough steel used in forging the blade. This high carbon premium stainless steel can retain a sharp edge for an extended time. Moreover, this 4 ½ inches long blade is polished making it corrosion resistant. 

Serrated Edges

Farberware designed this blade with a serrated edge that makes it an ideal multipurpose knife. As such, you can use this knife for paring, slicing, and spreading butter amongst other things.

Full Tang Design

Each blade is complemented with an ergonomically designed handle that lets the knife sit comfortably in the hand. The blade extends into the handle which increases the durability of this knife. More so, the triple-riveted design of the handle and blade holds the blade and handle together while handling heavy-duty tasks. 

Final Verdict

In summary, this Farberware steak knife is a cheap knife worth considering. Forged from high carbon steel, and perfectly weighted to provide balance and control.

#4. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Zwilling Accessories Steak Knife Set – Best for Stainless Steel

ZWILLING is another top-notch manufacturer of steak knives known for their ergonomic design and affordability. Buying this ZWILLING 8-piece steak knife is a great deal as it offers you value for your money. Also, it is an attractive and multifunctional knife you can use for so many tasks around the kitchen.

8-piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives

With the 8 pieces of steak knives included in this ZWILLING steak knife set, you have enough steak knife to go around the table. Getting 8 durable knives at such an affordable price is a great deal. Moreover, the 4-inch serrated blades are super sharp and ideal for several tasks from cutting steak to spreading butter on bread.

High Carbon Stainless Steel 

This ZWILLING steak knife is quite durable as it was forged from high carbon stainless steel. The high carbon content in the steel provides ultimate strength for long-lasting durability. Additionally, the blades were heat treated and polished such that they are corrosion resistant.

Tapered Handle

The well-designed handle of this knife with a tapered design provides you with a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Since the knife is well-designed with even weight distribution and an extra sharp blade it offers you fatigue-free cutting.

Wooden Box

ZWILLING also included a gorgeous wooden box with this set of knives. Safely store these sharp knives from ZWILLING in the attractive wooden box. Moreover, the box makes this knife presentable on the countertop or as a gift.

Final Verdict

If not for anything, the razor-sharp serrated blade and attractive handle design of this knife should make you buy it. And to top it all, ZWILLING stored all the knives in this set in a wooden box which makes it a perfect giftable knife set for new couples and foodie friends or family.

#5. KitchenAid KKFSS4ST Classic Forged Series Brushed Steak Knife – 4 Pieces Knife Set

KitchenAid is no new manufacturer of kitchen cutlery, as such, with this KKFSS4ST steak knife, you can expect nothing less than pure greatness. This classic, well-polished designed steak knife from KitchenAid will always give your table that perfect appearance of luxury. And the fancy design from the blade to the handle made from one

4-piece Steak Knife

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This KitchenAid steak knife is the perfect knife for a table of four people. Featuring four classic knives in this kit, KitchenAid ensured each knife offers you value for your money. And with the careful design of each knife with a well-crafted steel blade and polished finishing, makes this knife always stand out anywhere.

German Stainless Steel

Durable German stainless steel was used in forging this knife. KitchenAid made use of the high carbon German 1.4028 stainless steel, which gives them that exceptional and enduring blade. And because of the sturdiness of the blade, it can be easily sharpened to have a razor edge.

Full Serrated Edge

The all serrated edge of this steak knife is wanted; you need to slice through tough and hard cuts of steaks. The serrated edge makes this knife the perfect multipurpose knife, which you can also use for spreading butter on bread amongst other things. 

Durable Metal Handle

KitchenAid designed this knife with a durable metal handle. This metal handle and the blade were forged from one piece of steel. As such, this knife is a perfect full tang knife with an ergonomic handle for easy hand control and ultimate comfort.

Final Verdict

While we have an issue with the smooth handle of this knife because the knife can easily slip out of your hand. But because the handle and blade are one piece of steel it is quite durable. As such,

#6. Steak Knives Set of 6 Serrated Stainless Steel – Best for Dishwasher safe

Another top-rated knife set we would love to recommend you check out is this IsheTao SK0890 steak knife with a lifetime warranty. This IsheTao steak knife is affordable yet durable enough to handle heavy-duty tasks. IsheTao also designed this knife such that it is dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to maintain. 

6-piece Steak Knife

IsheTao included 6 silver steak knives in this set. Each blade is 4.5 inches long and 8.5 inches long in total. The blades are 0.08 inches thick, meaning they are quite durable and can handle tough jobs.

High Carbon Stainless Steel

The blade was forged from high carbon stainless steel which makes the knife sturdy and durable. The 420J2 (3Cr13) stainless steel material used is the best for steak knives as it is long-lasting and once sharp can retain a razor-sharp edge for an extended period.

Micro-serrated Edge

The micro-serrated edge of this knife is extremely sharp and ensures effortless slicing and reliable performance. The micro-serrated edge allows you to use this knife for multiple tasks like spreading butter on bread or cutting and slicing.

Durable Metal Handle

Additionally, this knife is well crafted such that its weight is evenly distributed giving you a well-balanced knife that fits comfortably in your hand. The handle and blade are carved with a single piece of steel. As such, it is a full tang knife which is quite reliable. Moreover, the handle is forged in such a way that it fits comfortably in your hand for easy control.

Final Verdict

In summary, this IsheTao knife is one of the best steak knives you can get for an affordable price. And the best part is that it is a full tang knife, meaning it can last you for years.

#7. Laguiole by Hailingshan Steak knives – Best for 8 Silverware

Hailingshan is another top manufacturer of kitchen utensils that pays close attention to every customer’s buying experience. This premium quality steak knife made with durable stainless steel is sharp and looks luxurious. As a standout steak knife, maintenance comes easy as it does not rust easily and it is dishwasher safe.

8-piece Steak Knife

Buying this set of knives lets you own up to 8-piece of a steak knife. Each knife is well crafted and its perfect design makes you cut through meat easily. It makes an excellent choice of silverware for restaurants, bars, and homes. Also, its fashionable design and gift box packaging make it a good gift for friends and family who love cooking.

High-grade Stainless Steel

Hailingshan forged the blade of this knife with high-grade stainless steel. Take note, the stainless steel material is durable enough to last long because of the carbon content in the steel. Moreover, Hailingshan polished this knife to give it a nice finishing that makes it corrosion resistant.

Sharp and Serrated Edge

These 9-inch stainless steel knives are sharp and designed to make cutting through steak with fine serration and effortless action. The serrated edges are sharp which makes this knife great for cutting lamb chops, poultry portion, and steak amongst others.

Durable Metal Handle

Another stand out feature of this knife is the durable metal handle that is made with steel. And it also comes with a full tang design which provides a mix of superior strength and balance. Note the handle is not foldable.

Final Verdict

While this steak knife is quite sharp, its full tang design is one of the main reasons we recommend you buy this knife. Moreover, this steak knife is quite affordable as you get up to 8-piece of steak knives for only a couple of dollars.

#8. Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Straight Steak Knives  

Victorinox is a Swiss manufactured knife expertly crafted to provide you with the best of the best. It has been in the industry since 1884 forging cutleries for various kitchens around the world. This 6-piece Victorinox steak knife is an elegant addition to any table setting.

6-piece Steak Knife

Victorinox designed this set of knives such that there are up to six knives in the box. These knives are well designed, making them an excellent addition to your cutleries. What stands out most is the size of these knives, as they are neither too enormous nor small, measuring 4.75-inch in length.

Stainless Steel Blade

The 4.75-inch long blade of this knife is forged from stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the best materials to have on a knife because they are food grade and would not reach with your food. Moreover, the stainless steel used for these knives is durable and extremely sharp. The edge of the blade is straight and it does not shred or tear meat, but smoothly slices through the meat.

Rosewood Handle

Unlike other knives, this Victorinox knife is designed with a wooden handle. The rosewood handle of this knife offers you an excellent grip for comfortable handling. Moreover, the triple-rivet on the handle ensures the blade and handle stays together thereby increasing the durability of this knife.

Gift Box

A gift box is also included with this knife set, which provides you with a safe place to store all these knives. Additionally, this gift box makes these knives presentable and can be used as a perfect gift for any food lover.

Final Verdict

Since this knife is lightweight and comes with an ergonomic handle design you shouldn’t feel too much hand and wrist fatigue when using this knife. Moreover, it is a very sharp knife that slices through delicate meat like butter. 

#9. Viking Culinary High Carbon German Steel Pakka Wood Handle Steak Knife

Viking steak knives are another affordable steak knife you can consider buying in 2023. Apart from the elegant design that makes it look luxurious on any dining table, it is also quite durable. Forged from the best of the best materials, Viking ensured this steak knife wouldn’t disappoint you anytime.

6-piece Steak Knife

Why buy one steak knife when you can buy up to six. Included in this Viking knife set are six well designed and durable steak knives that makes any dining table complete.

High Carbon German Steel

Viking forged the blade of this knife with high-quality German steel. German steel is known to have a high quantity of carbon, which contributes to the sturdiness of the blade. As such, this Viking blade will not break or bend easily.

Pakka Wood Handle

Another feature of this steak knife worth noting is the Pakka wood handle. The well-designed handle of this knife with a handguard prevents your hand from slipping to the sharp blade. Moreover, the knife fits comfortably on the hand, giving you maximum maneuverability. 

Rubberwood Storage Box

A rubberwood storage box is then used to store all the knives in this set in one place. Rather than keeping such sharp knives carelessly, the storage box helps you safely keep them away from harm’s way.

Final Verdict

Get this Viking knife because it comes with a full tang design and is double-riveted around the blade construction with bolster which provides you with an exceptional balance, comfort, and control.

#10. Rada Cutlery Utility Steak Knives Gift Set Stainless Steel Knife

Lastly, ensure you consider the Rada Cutlery G206 when looking for the ideal steak knife to buy. Rada has been an exquisite manufacturer of kitchenware since 1948. Apart from their excellent craftsmanship, another thing that makes us attracted to this make model is their hassle-free lifetime guarantee.

6-piece Steak Knife

Included in this Rada G206 steak knife are 6 pieces of knives ideal for preparing dinner or for use at the dinner table. Each piece of this top of the line steak knives from Rada Cutlery is forged with durable materials to ensure longevity.

Stainless Steel Blade

Rada Cutlery forged this steak knife from durable stainless steel. And each blade is hand sharpened to give you that razor-sharp straight edge. Also, the 4 7/8-inch steel blades are well polished making them corrosion resistant.

Stainless Steel Resin Handle

Also, Rada designed the handle of this blade with stainless steel resin. Moreover, the handle is designed in such a way that it fits comfortably in your hand for easy maneuverability.

Beautiful Box Set

And with the beautiful box included with this knife, you can easily store all the blades in one place. The box comes with a form-fitted flocked insert that holds and secures the knives in place. More so, the box makes this knife look presentable as a gift.

Final Verdict

Unlike other steak knives, this Rada knife is dishwasher tolerant although we recommend you hand wash it. Nevertheless, this Rada knife is durable and elegant, and beautiful.


In conclusion, when choosing the best steak knives ensure you consider durability, weight, and design. To get the best value out of the knife you buy, aim to buy a knife with a full-tang design. Also, the high carbon content in a blade material contributes to its sturdiness of the blade. As such, it will not bend or break easily. Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment in the comment section below.

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