Isn’t a knife just a knife? No, a knife isn’t just a knife because the best sushi knife is harder, lighter, and sharper than a western chef’s knife. Sushi knives are also specifically designed in such a way that it balances well in hand. Moreover, in the right hand, a sushi knife makes everything cutting, and dicing seem pretty straightforward. The big question now is how to know the right sushi knife brand to invest in. Well, it is for the reason of making your choice easier that is why we came up with this review. There are several things to consider when getting a sushi knife. You need to also consider the cost, material of Blade, the type of processing the Blade undergoes, etc.

Top Rated 10 Best Sushi Knife Review

#1. Kitchen + Home Non Stick Sushi Knife – Editor Choice

To kick off this review is an excellently crafted sushi knife from Kitchen + Home, a well-known manufacturer of kitchen wares. You can virtually use this SE-009 sushi knife for everything from peeling fruits to cutting tough meat, dicing, and chopping. The SE-009 sushi knife is a stainless steel knife with a nonstick surface. The Blade is coated with Teflon, a nonstick coating substance that is 100% food-grade, and PFOA free. This sushi knife can also excellently handle cutting raw fish, meats, sushi cheese, vegetables, and more. The surgical stainless steel sharpness of this sushi knife wouldn’t disappoint you. Moreover, the Rockwell hardness of its blade will ensure you get nothing less than superior chopping.

At the end of the Blade are aerated holes that improve balance and performance while using the knife. The ten holes at the edge of the Blade also reduce friction while cutting to give you that smooth cut. Overall the SE-009 measures 13 inches long, while the high-quality carbon stainless steel blade measures 8 inches. The ergonomic nonporous ABS handle fits comfortably in your hands and reduces fatigue while cutting. Despite this sushi chef knife’s superior quality, it is still lightweight. Lightweight knives are easy to use to maneuver different shapes and cuts even in delicate foods. Note, while sharpening this sushi knife, it is recommendable to use the 10 or 15 degrees angle.

#2. Happy Sales HSSR400, Japanese Long Sashimi Sushi Knife – Best Value

Next on our list in this sushi knife review is the Happy Sales HSSR400 sushi knife. This HSSR400 sushi knife is one of a kind when you find yourself in the Kitchen. The long slender Blade smoothly glides through fish and meat effortlessly. And the wooden handle also offers maximum comfort while using this knife. If you’re handling large food items, this long sturdy Blade of this HSSR400 knife makes the work a lot easier. It is beveled on one single side, making it most suitable for right-hand use. 

In terms of durability, the molybdenum steel blade is not only sturdy but also rust-resistant. This Yanagiba Japanese sushi knife blade measures 8 inches in length while the handle’s overall length is 14 inches. Despite the length of this knife, it is still lightweight with evenly distributed weight. When you hold this sushi knife, it feels natural in hand and easy to maneuver. If you need a durable knife, then it’s time you take a look at this multipurpose Happy Sale HSSR400 sushi knife. You can depend on this knife’s superior quality for years without worrying about rust or the Blade breaking off.

#3. Sashimi Sushi Knife – Nego Yanagiba Knife – Best Cooking Chef Knives

As a professional chef, having an ultra-sharp knife gives you a different vibe when preparing food. The Nego NG-MK8817 is another Yanagiba knife worth checking out in 2022. This knife is a classy Japanese style sushi knife that is great for cutting, slicing, and filleting delicate foods. The Nego NG-MK8817 gives you a superior razor-sharp blade made with German high carbon stainless steel. So, this knife gives you the maximum sharpness and edge retention you need to handle foods with no added pressure. Overall, the design of this sushi knife looks good and durable.

Additionally, this Nego blade German stainless steel blade is nitrogen-cooled and has a Rockwell hardness rating of 58. The process this Blade went through during molding enhances its hardness, making it flexible and anti-corrosion. So, for the best cutting experience, you can always trust this Nego sushi knife. The Blade measures 8.5 inches in length and 2.5 mm in thickness. The ergonomic handle of this balanced well in your hand, giving you an effortless cutting experience. The handle’s unique design is such that it offers you a secure grip. So, problems like bulb fingers due to prolonged use wouldn’t be an issue anymore with this knife. Besides, this NG-MK8817 knife also comes with an added knife sharpener for easy maintenance.

#4. Culina 8-Inch Nonstick Carbon Steel Sushi Knife with Sheath

If you’re a fan of Japanese sushi knives, then it’s high time we introduce you to the Culina sushi knife. Japanese knives are expensive sushi knives, unlike traditional knives, because Japanese knives are more durable and made with hardened steel. Like this Culina knife, the carbon steel blade offers you a professional quality that guarantees you years of use. And like most sushi knives, this Culina steel knife is nonstick. You can use this Culina knife to achieve thin cuts on delicate food items like meat, fish, and vegetables.

We love so much that this knife comes with an ergonomic handle. The handle of this knife provides you with a well-balanced firm and comfortable grip. This Culina steel knife is an 8 inches razor-sharp blade you can use for diverse purposes. In width, this Culina knife boasts of about 1¾ inches. When you invest in purchasing this knife, you will find it completely versatile for everything cutting in the Kitchen. Besides, this Culina knife also comes with a sheath that makes storing this knife safe and easy. The sheath makes this knife look combat like. In a way, you can also take this knife along with you for hunting.

#5. JapanBargain 1551, Non-Stick Yanagiba Sashimi Knife – Carbon Stainless Steel Knife

Next on our list of steel sushi knives to get in 2022 is this JapanBargain 1551 sushi knife. The JapanBargain 1551 is a well-crafted sushi knife, built with durable steel that will last you years with intense use. Interestingly, this JapanBargain 1551 knife comes with a long blade and has an overall length measuring up to 13 inches. So, this knife is suitable for a wide range of use apart from preparing sushi. The Blade itself measures 8 inches long. With a blade this long, you have enough room to cut wide meats and vegetables at a go. Moreover, the JapanBargain razor-sharp Blade helps to make cutting things with this knife a breeze.

The Blade of the JapanBargain 1551 is made with high steel material with a twist of molybdenum finishing. In other words, this knife has a durable and rust-resistant blade. The smooth surface on the Blade of this sushi knife is why this knife is so versatile. Still, this knife’s Blade is aerated with holes. These holes help to increase the amount of balance you get while you hold the knife. The wooden handle as well contributes to the ergonomic feel you get while holding the knife. To further add, caring for this knife is quite easy. By washing the knife after every use and drying it before storing increases the longevity of the blade. 

#6. Salix Leaf Chef Knife – Best for Carbon Steel kitchen Knife

Another cheap sushi knife worth every penny is this Salix Leaf Japanese sushi knife. This Salix Leaf sushi knife makes a perfect gift idea for friends and family. This knife’s beautiful design gives this knife a unique look that differs from other traditional western knives. In terms of quality, the exceptional German steel is sturdy enough to last you for years. The touch of carbon and Garman steel gives this knife a kind of very smooth and rust-resistant finishing. The outstanding quality of this knife offers you excellency every time you need to cut delicate food items.

Additionally, this knife has a full tang SUS handle construction. The exception forging of this Japanese knife’s Blade and the handle makes it feel very natural and balanced. The hollow handle forms a perfect fit with your fingers and gives you maximum control while using this knife. So, no matter what you are cutting, its 7 inches blade would give you the satisfaction you need. This Blade also measures 1.7 inches in width and weighs only 0.435 pounds. And the 14 degrees sharpened edges give you a 1 mm Salix Leaf cutting edge that makes cuts through food items effortless.

#7. FAMCÜTE SHG-0008 Professional Japanese Chef Knife – Handle Gyuto Sushi Knife

Next on our list of best knives for cutting sushi is the Famcute professional Japanese chef knife, which gives you the pleasure of comfort and efficiency when handling food. The Famcute chef knife is a high-end knife made with 100% high-quality steel that would break or go blunt easily. The design of this chef knife fits perfectly into any kitchen with a pointed end. You can use this Famcute professional chef knife to slice your vegetables, fillet, chop, make sushi, and do so much more. Most restaurant’s professional chefs find this Famcute knife quite useful as it makes food preparation a lot easier.  

Overall, the knife measures 36.5 cm, with its Blade boasting up to 21.2 cm or 8 inches. The Blade’s superior finishing Blade with a smooth surface and razor sharpness allows for easy food release when dicing and slicing foods. The crafted African rosewood handle also beautifies this knife and gives you a comfortable grip every time. Weight and balance are key when it comes to getting the best sashimi knife. A proper balance between the length of the Blade and the ergonomic handle is key to getting maximum control over the knife to maneuver easily. Moreover, this sushi knife is very lightweight, so it’s straightforward to use.

#8. TATARA | Santoku Knife – 7 inch Japanese Sushi Knife – Best for Chefs

Tatara is another exceptional fish fillet knife of skinning knife perfect for sushi, vegetable, and meat cutting. This Japanese knife’s high-quality steel blade with Rockwell hardness goes a long way in telling us how strong and durable this Blade is. And the steel blade of this Tatara Japanese knife with 67 Damascus layer makes its Blade sturdy and durable to resist breaking. So, if you are searching for a knife that will offer you premium performance and resistance while at the same time will be effortless to maintain, you’d love this Tatara Santoku knife. You can use this knife for so many tasks, from cutting to dicing, slicing, etc.

The full tang triple-riveted nitrogen-cooled G-10 handle gives you maximum control over the Blade as it balances well in hand. With this Tatara knife, the comfortable grip you get from using this knife gives you an excellent grip in all conditions and superior agility and comfort as a professional chef. And when we say this Tatara Santoku knife is razor-sharp, we mean it is 8 to 12 degrees sharped to give you that laser precision while handling delicate food for a more delicious result. The nonstick Granton edge also contributes to how easy this knife makes food preparation in the Kitchen. This knife also comes with a wooden case, which makes storing it easy after every use.

#9. Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Blue Steel Yanagi Kiritsuke Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife

The Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi is another excellent sushi knife exquisitely designed to bring comfort to handing delicate food preparation. When you have a sharp knife that is sturdy and sharp enough, you can cut those really thin slices of delicate meat and vegetables effortlessly for a more delicious recipe. Take your cooking experience to the next level with this handmade Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi knife. Yoshihiro is one of the best knives for cutting sushi and performing other food preparation tasks like dicing and slicing. Its 63/64 Rockwell hard blade, intricately forged with steel, gives you a completely sturdy Blade for cutting through tough foods without bending or breaking the knife.

Yoshihiro is a long slicing knife measuring up to 11.8 inches or 300 mm in length. It also comes with an octagonal-shaped Ryu dragon ebony wooden handle that fits comfortably in your hand. So, this knife provides you with comfort and balance when talking about balance to cut thin slices with ease. This knife is handcrafted with a single angled beveled making it a perfect right-hand knife. The Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi knife also comes with a protective wooden sheath, the Saya, which helps to protect the Blade and add to its appearance. It is pretty easy to maintain this knife, all you need to do is make sure the knife is kept dry and oiled regularly to prevent oxidation because carbon steel can oxidize if not cared for.

#10. Yoshihiro VGYA270SH Hongasumi – Best Sushi Sashimi Japanese Knife

Lastly, we can recommend checking out the Yoshihiro VGYA270SH as a perfect sushi knife to consider buying. This Yoshihiro knife offers nothing less than the Hongasumi grade of high carbon steel sharpness. Interestingly, the durable VG stainless steel blade with 62-63 Rockwell hardness used in making this knife can retain its edge sharpness longer than traditional knives. Using the whetstone sharpener to sharpen this knife can make it extremely sharp that it will effortlessly glide through any type of delicate food item with no pressure. You can use this knife to make things cut through delicate food items like filleting, dicing fruits and vegetables, and many other things.

The Yoshihiro knife has 10.5 inches or 270 mm single beveled edged Blade with a completely flat front and a concave ground with a flat rim on the back. The simplistic yet elegant design of this handcrafted Japanese knife with an octagonal rosewood shitan handle and a double ebony bolster makes this knife lightweight and well balanced on the hand. This knife also comes with a lacquer-coated magnolia wooden sheath, which provides stain and odor-free with ease of cleaning. Furthermore, to maintain the Yoshihiro blade, ensure you hand wash only, and you sharpen it on a quality whetstone.


In conclusion, we can agree that having the best sushi knife helps make food preparation a lot easier. What matters is that there are different things to note when getting the right sushi and sashimi knife for your Kitchen. For example, the type of knife is an essential factor that comes to play when choosing a sushi knife. Types of Blade and the handle contribute to the comfort you get from the knife at the end of the day, so it is worth considering. Always consider the Rockwell hardness rating (HRC) when buying a knife, as it tells you exactly how hard the metal is. And lastly, always check the length of the Blade. We hope this review helped you choose a sushi knife you’d love.

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