After using your bread machine, cleaning it is the next ideal thing to do before storing it. Storing a dirty bread machine, or leaving your bread machine for too long exposes it to quick deterioration. But as with any other electronic appliance, you don’t just dip it in water to clean. The electronic parts shouldn’t be made wet to avoid electrical hazards. So, how actually should you clean your bread machine? Well, in this article, you’d get to learn how to clean a bread machine in four easy steps. Increase the longevity of your gluten free bread machine by cleaning it the right way.

Some Advice About Cleaning Your Bread Machine

In four easy steps, clean out your bread machine to keep it looking sleek for years.

Step 1: Cool and Sweep Out

First, you need to let the bread machine cool down, mostly if you just finished using it.  It would be best if you cleaned the bread machine immediately you finish using it. So, allow the machine to rest for 5-10 minutes before you start the cleaning process. Next, sweep out the bread crumb from inside of the bread machine. Use a painting or basting brush to sweep out the crumbs. Don’t use your hand as the bread machine may still be a bit hot. As much as you may be tempted to use soap and water to wash out the stuck crumbs, don’t, you’ll burn out electrical components! If there are moist dough in the machine, don’t scrape it out; generally, avoid scraping when cleaning your bread machine. Let the moist dough dry, then clean it out. Or if you don’t want to wait for it to cool properly, you can use a piece of dry cloth to clean it out.

Step 2: Clean the Heating Element

The heating element is one of the most essential and sensitive parts of a bread machine. As such, many people feel skeptical about cleaning it. But while baking, the dough may spill on it. You ought to clean it out to protect yourself from fire hazards. Wipe the heating element down with a moist towel. However, what you should not do is pour water on the heating element. Also, as you remove the bread crumbs, be careful not to press down on the heating element too much. You may detach or bend something, and as you know, the heating element can be quite expensive and hard to replace. Using cleaning solutions are also not recommended. So, as for the cleaning solutions, avoid them, and stick with damp towels with gentle strokes.

Step 3: Clean the Bread Pan

The third thing you should check out when cleaning your bread machine is the bread machine pan. Most manufacturers make their bread maker pan with stainless steel; some may be coated. But the general idea is that their bread pan is non-stick. A non-stick bread pan comes in very handy when removing bread from it as well as cleaning. Unlike most parts of the bread machine, the bread pan is removable. So, remove it and clean it out properly. If you don’t know how to remove the bread pan for your model, refer to the manual, it would tell you how to remove the mixing paddle, dough hook, and other attachments.  You can even run it through the dishwasher, but not all bread pans are dishwasher safe. If yours isn’t dishwasher safe, use warm soapy water and a piece of a clean towel to clean it. You can also use sponge and water to wash and then rinse with clean water properly. Do not scrub using a stiff bristle brush or steel scrubbing sponge; it could scratch up the surface. 

Step 4: Dry

Lastly, leave the bread dough machine out to dry properly before storing it. Not cleaning the food residue in your bread machine creates a breeding ground for mold. Likewise, you don’t want to use harsh chemicals to clean out the bread machine. Harsh chemicals leave an odor in your bread machine and destroy the finish inside the bread machine. Stick with a simple water and cleaning towel to clean your bread machine after use. But if you don’t let the water in the bread pan dry properly before storing it, it may cause rusting and other damages. So, after cleaning, you can use a dry towel to wipe it clean, and air dry for a couple of minutes before storing it.


In summary, now that you know how to clean a bread machine, clean your bread machine regularly. A hygienic bread machine will remain in its good working condition for longer. Eat healthily, bake your bread at home and avoid eating the preservative commonly found in commercially baked bread. You can refer to the article “best gluten-free bread machine to get in 2020″ for our recommended gluten-free bread makers in 2020.

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