Today, grinding your favorite meat to make burgers, hotdog, or whatsoever is so easy now. With the diverse versatility of different types of meat grinders available today, you shouldn’t find it difficult to grind meat. Meat grinds are generally available in two options: manual or electric. Although an electric meat grinder may be more versatile and convenient to use, a manual meat grinder is more flexible. A manual meat grinder works by a handle moving the auger inside the grinder to grind the meat. Our focus is on a step-by-step guide into how to use a manual meat grinder in this article. When getting a manual meat grinder, take note of the hopper size and whether your grinder is bolted or clamped down.

User Guide for a Manual Meat Grinder: Step by Step

In 7 easy steps, here is how the best manual meat grinder works.

Step 1: Secure the Meat Grinder

Your first course of action should be to mount the meat grinder on a stable, flat platform. You must ensure the grinder is secured properly to prevent it from wobbling while grinding. So, after installing the grinder, try and rock the crack back and forth.

Step 2: Trim Fat from Meat

Excess fat, tendon, and even cartilage should be trimmed off before you grind the meat. Fats and tendon clog a manual meat grinder, so it’s best to get them off to avoid the hassle of cleaning the machine. Also, mincing meat before feeding it into the grinder helps make the whole grinding process easier.

Step 3: Chill the Meat

Next, place the prepared meat into your fridge or freezer and chill it for a few minutes. Chilling the meat helps keep the meat’s shape and makes it easier for the grinder to generate the necessary friction to grind it. Moreover, keeping your meat cold limits the possibility of bacteria. 

Step 4: Feed Meat into the Grinder’s Hopper

When you remove the chilled meat from the grinder, feed it into the hopper of your grinder. Turn the hand crank in a slow and steady motion. The grinder’s blade will pull the meat through the grinder, grinding the meat into smaller bits. Make sure you do not push the meat down into the cavity with your fingers.

Step 5: Clean out the Grinder

When you’re done grinding all the meat you need, run a moist bread slice to clean out the machine. Note that you can discard the bread pieces, so you don’t ruin your recipe with an unwanted ingredient.

Step 6:  Disassemble Grinder and Clean

Unbolt the grinder or unscrew the clamp from the table. Loosen the blade and remove the auger from the grinder and clean then well for the next use. Always clean the meat grinder immediately after every use to keep it hygienic and long-lasting.


Now that you know how to use a manual meat grinder, use it anywhere you find yourself, even while camping in the forest. Moreover, manual meat grinders are affordable, not to even mention they are quite reliable. Don’t let the inconveniences of needing a power supply disrupt you from preparing freshly and tasty ground meats into delicious meals.

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